How to Hack an iPhone for Free

November 25, 2021

It was nearly impossible for a long while to access an iPhone without using the owner’s credentials. It was due to the strict security protocols implemented by its parent company, Apple. Moreover, such an emphasis on security became a valid reason behind the iPhone’s popularity among users.

In any case, that was a couple of years back. Now, there are plenty of strategies through which the user hacks someone’s iPhone expertly. One of the most well-known techniques is using spying applications for iPhones to track all the targeted iPhone practices.

Part 1: How to Hack an iPhone?

Safespy is among the top iOS monitoring applications that offer extreme convenience to the users. It provides an extraordinary number of features to learn the activities occurring on iOS devices. The essential and high-functioning functions available include viewing call/SMS records, screening messages on social media apps, and much more.

The new user can learn how the ins and outs of the panel through the Live Demo facility.

1.1: How to Hack an iPhone Remotely?

Safespy is one iPhone spy application that makes it truly easy to follow a device from far off. All the user requires is an internet browser and the account details of the targeted individual’s iCloud account. This infers that there is no requirement to access the said device manually.


Additionally, the application is easy to use due to an intuitive interface. Each utility and feature is only one click away from the online control panel. It discourages any act of jailbreaking the target iPhone. The functions offered by the service are accessible without the need for altering the settings of the device.

1.2: How to Hack into an iPhone with Safespy?

Safespy can hack an iPhone application. This section highlights how a user can install the Safespy application on the iPhone. Moreover, the process will allow the user to start monitoring all the activities occurring on the iPhone.

Step 1: First of all, the user goes to the Safespy website. They must sign up to get registered for the application. This won’t take much time. Enter a valid email and password before purchasing the service and selecting iOS as the platform to spy.


Step 2: Now, the user needs the iCloud credentials to target the targeted device. When they sign in using said details, it won’t take long to enable monitoring.


Step 3: The data must be completely synced. Once it is, the user must go to the Control Panel from their system’s browser and access the dashboard. There, they can see the options of hacking the iPhone. It will remain the go-to place where the user can spy on the targeted device.

1.3 Monitor All Activities on iPhones with Safespy

After learning the quick way to enable Safespy on an iPhone, the next step is to know what functions are available on the platform that make it a truly reliable hacking application. This section discusses the features below:

Location Tracking

GPS lets the user track the area of any specific device. Safespy ought to have this pivotal component since the user will be intrigued to know about the loved one’s whereabouts. If the person is visiting a place where they are not supposed to be, then the client would have the appropriate time to act and ensure the other person is safe or not.

SMS Tracking

The SMS tracker is among the most fundamental functions that a versatile spying application should possess. The specific feature of the application enables the user to capture the contact details of the person in contact with the targeted individual. The tracker will reveal the time of the chat history and all the relevant text details.


Working in Stealth Mode while Monitoring Social Media Apps

Since it is a spying application, it is equipped for working in stealth mode. The user should have the option to introduce it to the target device and be sure if it will screen things for them without getting detected. Such a utility is beneficial if a person aims to monitor the social media chatting details. Moreover, it will present the media files shared during the chat activity on said services.

Part 2: How to Hack Someone's iPhone?

Spyic is a mobile tracking application for iOS and Android. The application has shown up in significant publications, for example, PC World, The Huffington Post, Life Wire, CNET, and BuzzFeed since its creation.

As of late, the application has picked up a serious standing, fundamentally for being a reliable cell phone spying app. Right now, the application has a dependable client base that is spread out across 190+ nations.

The iPhone monitoring process is brilliant due to various reasons. The user doesn’t have to download or introduce anything on the intended iPhone. It will instead work straightforwardly with the iPhone’s iCloud account credentials and let the user monitor the activities from afar.

Part 3: How to Hack into Someone’s iPhone?

Spyine has been one of the leading applications over the globe for keeping an eye on the iPhone. No matter if the targeted person is a child, employee, or a spouse, it will present accurate data on their activities in real-time. There is no requirement to jailbreak or enable other settings on the target iPhone to make the application fully accessible.

The top quality app is featured by eminent media platforms like BBC, Mashable, and Buzzfeed. Installing this app is simple. The user only has to create an account and know the complete iCloud account details of the targeted individual. Once the user enters the credentials on the relevant forum, there will be no need to ever access the phone. All the data of the person will be available on the online dashboard.


The ideal iPhone spy application is a cloud-based one and needs no requirement for the user to access the targeted phone themselves. Such platforms ensure that users can spy on another person, generally their loved ones, without them knowing. The service is fundamental to a user’s security. Such applications should have an easy-going interface and offer features without any prior requirements.

Safespy, by and large, is an incredible platform available for checking an iPhone under stealth mode. The installation process is basic. Moreover, the user does not have to jailbreak the phone to activate the advanced functions.