Safespy's Secret iOS Device Tracking

Steps to Track iPhones With Safespy

Learn how to track An Android phone instead.

Safespy's iOS tracker shatters the age old 'walled garden' philosophy of iOS devices. Through Safespy, you can get your eyes on every bit of data of any iPhone or iPad without the device owner knowing about it. Keep reading below to find out how:

Part One: iOS Tracking Prerequisites

A Safespy Account

A Safespy account with iOS subscription provides access to all the features

iCloud Credentials

In order to track an iPhone without touching it, you need its iCloud credentials.

Part Two: Steps for Secret iOS Tracking

In order to track an iPhone or iPad, you just have to follow these steps:

1. Get a Safespy account with subscription.
2. Access Safespy features after a one-time configuration.

We'll walk you through the installation process:

Step 1. Getting a Safespy Account

You should start by signing up for a Safespy account with your email as the username and a password of your choosing. After that, you will have to get a subscription plan for iOS devices. You can also create an account by filling out the form below:

Step 2. Go through the one-time configuration (No App Download Necessary)

Once you have purchased an iOS subscription plan for Safespy, you will receive a confirmation email. You can click on the email or login directly from the website to go to your dashboard. At the first time, you will need to set-up Safespy (without needing any app installation). Don't worry, it will only take a couple of minutes."

select iphone to track

2. Provide a name to the iPhone. After that, you should enter the iCloud credentials of the iPhone (which are case sensitive). You will need to ensure that the following criteria are met:

1. On the iPhone settings, enable the 'iCloud Backup' feature.
2. Make sure that the 'Two Factor Authentication' is disabled.
track iphone icloud backup

3. If there are multiple iOS devices linked to same iCloud account, choose the right device.

select which iphone to track

4. Once you are done with the above steps, you are all set to view their data. You can access your Safespy dashboard at any time through the login button on the website. During the first time access, the dashboard will take a few minutes to load since it will sync all the data of the target iPhone.

finish tracking someone's iPhone