How to Hack Facebook Messenger Conversations

November 25, 2021

Facebook has always been the front face of social apps. However, there might arise a need for some concerned parties to be able to see what their loved one’s been up to. Either any parents trying to keep a check on their children or a person trying to know whether their partner is cheating on them.

The purpose of this article is to show you how to bypass the security features of Facebook and hack into the messenger of the people and read their conversations.

Part 1: Facebook Messenger Hack

Facebook messenger is fairly popular among users everywhere as their go-to method of messaging. However, the Facebook messenger can be hacked using proper tools. Some of these tools are as follows.

1.1 Facebook Messenger Hacker App

The first and foremost way for the reader to reliably hack into a messenger is by using the Safespy application. The Safespy application allows you to hack into the messenger whether the target person is using an Android or an iOS system.

Safespy is an easy-to-use browser-based application. You can use Safespy if you have the basic knowledge of using an internet browser. Simply configure the application for the target phone and the user can read the desired conversations in the dashboard.


The user does not need to take any drastic steps such as rooting or jailbreaking the target phone. It doesn’t harm the OS of the target phone in any way. The “Keylogger” feature of Safespy allows the user to see every keystroke on the targeted phone.

You can click here to explore the free live demo!

Part 2: How to Hack Facebook Messenger?

Now, you know that Safespy is the powerful Facebook Messenger app. Yet, you must be thinking that how you can use it to sneak inside someone’s Facebook. You can conveniently hack Facebook Messenger with Safespy by following these simple steps :

Step 1: Getting Started with Safespy

Getting started on Safespy is simple. You can go to the official website of Safespy and sign up for an account. Signing up for Safespy involves a few steps and you will be guided throughout the process with the help of Setup Wizard.

After you sign up, it will ask you to subscribe to a package. Explore through all the available options and select a package that suits your needs and budget.


The next step is to add the details of the target device i.e the one you are trying to hack into. You have to specify the operating system of the target device either iOS or Android. After selecting the appropriate operating system you will receive a “Welcome” email in your inbox.

As soon as you receive that email you click the “Start Monitoring” tab.

Step 2: Configure the Target Messenger Phone

For Android

Log in to the Safespy account. Go to the Setup wizard and locate the link to download the app along with the installation guide. Copy the link and open it in the target device. You can download the Safespy app by granting the required permissions.

Do not forget to initiate the stealth mode when asked. Stealth mode enables the software to operate discreetly by hiding the icon.

For iPhone

It’s even easier for the iOS target phone. You need to access the control panel through the “Welcome” email in your inbox. Enter the iCloud account credentials of the target person and hit 'Verify'.


Wait for the credentials to be verified. Once done, you can go through all of the Facebook messenger conversations of the target device without any fear of getting caught.

Step 3: Read Facebook Messenger conversations

Now it’s time to open the Safespy dashboard. Then, go to the “Social Media” option. There will be options to monitor all social media apps. Select “Facebook” to see conversations on Facebook messenger.

safespy facebook

You can also select the 'Keylogger' option and see the entered credentials. Roam around the messenger and see what they have been up to.

As the process identifies there are options to monitor other social media apps as well. So you can not only go through their Facebook messenger conversations but also others like Instagram and Snapchat.

Part 3: How to Log into Someone’s Facebook Messenger without them Getting a Notification?

Often, you share the laptop with your teammates, colleagues, siblings, and friends. Things become technically simpler if you are trying to hack the Facebook account that is accessed from your device. For this purpose, you need a software tool called ‘Keylogger’.

Keylogger is a program that intercepts and records every keystroke of the target device. You can install keylogger software onto the device and look up the Facebook account credentials. Besides Facebook, you might even get access to the target’s other social media accounts too.

You will need to choose the specific keylogger tool that is suited to your requirement as per your target machine i.e. Windows, Mac, Android phone, or an iPhone.

There are several pros to this method. It is simpler. The keylogger software is undetectable so the target would not know about being hacked. Moreover, they won’t get any notification of login from an unauthorized device when you log in from the same device.

Part 4: Hack Facebook Messenger Password Online

A very simple and easy way to hack the Facebook of someone is by using the online Facebook hack tool that allows you to easily access the Facebook of your desire without putting you through the hassle of installing additional applications.

Go to the Facebook Hack Tool and click the ‘Hack Facebook online’ button. Enter the username of the target person and the Facebook Hack Tool will start the process by connecting with the target person’s profile. Then, it will generate a unique access code that is used to sneak inside the Facebook account without any fear of being caught!


This article described different methods of hacking a Facebook Messenger conversation. The easiest and most reliable option is to use the Safespy monitoring solution. With Safespy, you can see Facebook Messenger and other conversations happening on the target person’s phone.

Another option is to use a keylogger tool to extract the Facebook account credentials of the target person. This needs the installation of a keylogger tool on the target person’s device. Last but not least, the option is to use the ‘Facebook Hack Tool’ to hack someone’s Facebook online using the target’s Facebook profile URL only.