10 Best Free Spy Phone Apps

November 30, 2021

Technology has grown advanced with time. It has made advancements in smartphones with a lot of new approaches. Every individual has an approach to mobile phones and new technology, which accompanies its pros and cons as well.

Conversely, the increase and advancement of technology have given rise to many ethical issues, including cybercrime. It has become essential to take some safety measures with spy apps to create protection from harmful issues.

The following mentioned 10 best free spy phone apps that could keep children away from cyberbullying. Moreover, it can help capture evidence against spouses and enables a user to keep an updated record of the employee’s performance.

What Spy Apps Can Do For You?

Spy phone apps secure mobile phones, providing the best monitoring solution. Moreover, the application ensures complete protection against various harms caused by the internet via different apps and social media forums. Spy phone apps provide a web-based control panel that makes an accessible way to monitor the target's tracked activity.

Moreover, it offers a stealth mode option that prevents the entire monitoring activity from getting revealed. Notable spy phone apps work without any need for rooting or jailbreaking the target device. Primarily, it provides data security, and it does not store any personal data.

10 Best Free Spy Phone Apps from Best to Worst

The article will acknowledge how spy phone apps can be helpful to monitor various activities. Spy phone apps consist of different functionalities that will be discussed below. Here are the top best 10 spy phone apps listed, from best to worst.

Moreover, the article will help the user pick the right spy phone app with plenty of excellent features and advantages that will enable them to secure their loved ones.

1. Safespy Spy Phone App

Safespy app brings excellent features for the application, including SMS, calls, social apps, and GPS tracking. Further, it requires no jailbreaking or rooting, and it offers a simple method to install the service on the target phone.


Moreover, it comprises fame and popularity that enables tracking of Android phones, iPhones, and tablets. It is a world-wide application used by people all over the globe with millions of users. It is recognized by respected publications such as Forbes and TechRadar.

The installation method on both Android and iOS devices is relatively straightforward. The first step is to sign-up for an account on the service using a working email and password. After purchasing the service, the set-up wizard will open, asking the user to select the target platform.

If the user selects an iPhone, then the wizard will ask to enter the iCloud credentials of the target phone’s user. After verifying the details, it will provide access to the control panel.

In Android’s case, the wizard will display a download link for an app to manually add it to the device. After installation, the stealth mode will hide the app in plain sight.


Advantages of Safespy

  • The application also spies on deleted data and shows it on the control panel of the application via auto-retrieve.
  • Its stealth mode lets the spying be carried out in a safer way without letting the target know about such activity.
  • The application has an easy-to-use control panel that does not require any extra knowledge to operate.

Disadvantages of Safespy

  • The software does not offer a call recording feature, and hence, the user can miss out on important information.


  • Safespy is compatible with all Apple devices running iOS 7 and up. In Android devices, it runs on OS 4 and above it. It can spy and gather information on all the devices that fall on the list.

The Live Demo Mode provides users to learn and examine the features of the application before buying a subscription package.

2. Spyic Spy Software

Spyic is one of the highly compatible spying apps that supports all kinds of the target device’s operating system. It ensures to find the location quickly and keep updated about it. The spying app provides accurate data of the messages and calls being initiated on the target phone. Moreover, the app can display a browser history that makes it easy to properly monitor children and their activities.


  • This application has a keylogging feature that records all the important details on the target phone and displays them to the user. It includes login credentials and debit card details.
  • Its Android solution has a stealth mode that hides the application from the display and works silently in the background without the target knowing.
  • It shows the deleted text messages and media to the user via auto-retrieve, so no information goes unseen by the user.


  • It only spies 3 target devices per account, and the user is required to make another account to spy on more devices.


  • It is compatible with iPhone devices running iOS 7 and Android devices running OS4 and above it.
spyic box

3. Minspy Spy Application

Minspy is a renowned name in the spy software market. It enables the user to screen Android/iOS phones and tablets. Moreover, it makes it easy to spy on someone's text messages and call history on the target phone. It facilitates with options to get an approach to someone's login credentials and credit card details with keylogger function.

Additionally, it brings safety and security to the data as well. It keeps data secure and does not let it be stolen.

Beneficial features that Minspy offers

  • The application shows the text messages and iMessages to the user. Even if any message gets deleted, the app still accesses it.
  • Minspy tracks the social media apps activity such as Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp, etc., and displays the uploaded and shared information on the control panel.
  • The spy software spies on the target and tracks his location via sim Card tracking, GPS tracking, and Geo-fencing.

Minus point of Minspy

  • Minspy does not offer a call recording feature. Due to this, the user will be unable to spy on the target's calls and hence, can miss useful information.


  • It works on Android devices with OS 4 and above. At the same time, it works on any iPhone or iPad running iOS 7 and above it.

4. Spyier Cell Phone Spy

Spyier spying app is a quality platform to monitor the target remotely from a web browser. It performs tracking and monitoring functions and tracks social media apps, including Whatsapp and Facebook. It can check GPS locations, track SMS, calls, contacts, spy on shared media, including photos and videos.

The app can be used with the modern versions of Android and iOS. The quick system monitors the target in seconds and remains hidden due to its stealth mode.


  • It gives small movement details of the target and tracks his location via sim card tracking, geofences alert, and location tracking.
  • It can record messages and shared media activity on social media apps. It also approaches the deleted information and displays it on the dashboard.
  • The software contains a handy dashboard that displays the information in a clearer way so the user can easily navigate through it.


  • Spyier charges a large amount of money for its services, which makes it difficult for users to purchase subscriptions frequently.


  • It is compatible with Android devices that run OS 4 and above it. It is well-matched with iPhones or iPads running iOS7 and above that.
spyier box

5. Spyine

Spyine spy app is a famous and highly-used phone monitoring solution. The app has appeared on top-listed channels, including Medium, Reader's Digest, and Mashable. Its interface is web-based and easy-to-use and allows the person to get access from a web browser.

The app offers the best stealthy solution that cannot be detected in any case. The app incorporates the location log representing essential information, including phone address, location history, and geographical coordinates. The app also lets the user spy on all kinds of messages and media shared through social media apps.

Upright points

  • Spyine provides contact information of all Sims present in the target phone. The information includes the carrier and IMEI number of the target.
  • Its keylogging feature records the keystrokes made on the target phone and displays it to the user.
  • It tracks the target's WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat, etc., and shows shared photos, videos, messages, and call duration.

Downside reviews

  • It requires a constant internet for tracking and displaying information in real-time, which gets difficult sometimes.


  • It is compatible with Android devices running OS 4 and iOS devices running any version of iOS.


XNSPY spy app is one of the safest spy apps that monitors mobile phones to record what children do on mobile phones. It allows remote checking of call logs and contact lists in a friendly manner. Moreover, it enables the tracking of SMS chats, iMessages, and IM. The app incorporates GPS that is active to track the locations of children and other individuals.

Key points of XNSPY

  • XNSPY allows the user to read all sent and received text messages on the monitored cell phone with date, time, and contact details.
  • It has a geofences alert feature that allows users to mark specific areas so the app can intimate users in case of any movement around that area.
  • It tracks the browsing history of target searched sites, webpages, URLs, and their frequency.

Shortcomings of XNSPY

  • It is required to download the application on the target Android devices, but it is not always possible to reach the target phone and download it.


  • It works on all smartphones running OS 4 and above it. In the iOS solution, it is compatible with iOS 6 and above versions.

7. FlexiSpy

FlexiSpy mobile phone spy app can monitor all Android and iPhone systems through digital and audio communications. It incorporates monitoring features and does not ask to alter the security settings of the target phone.


  • It monitors all Android and iPhone digital and audio communication.
  • It is a parental control app that monitors all the applications installed on the target device.
  • The application can also listen to the environment and display the spying information.

Why is Flexispy not one-for-all

  • Flexispy is a hard goal for some people because it has high pricing according to the characteristics it offers to users.


  • It is compatible with Android versions of OS 4-11.
  • It works with iOS versions, including iOS 6-14x.

8. Auto Forward

Auto Forward can track and monitor activities with instant results. It allows access to check text messages, calls, GPS, and more remotely without touching the phone. Moreover, it will enable easy access to social media activities on the target phone, whether Android or iPhone.

Helpful features of AutoForward

  • The application checks the text messages and iMessages of the target and also monitors the time duration of chat and call.
  • The application tracks the social media activity of both Android and iPhone target phones without requiring jailbreak or rooting the device.

What are the drawbacks of Auto Forward

  • It requires a constant internet connection to track and display the monitoring data.


  • It works with all versions of Android phones and tablets.
  • Autoforward is compatible with the latest versions of iPhones and iPads.

9. Phonespector

Phonespector is the tracking software that requires no jailbreaking/rooting and offers users access to the target device from afar. The app can recover iMessages, contacts, call logs, GPS location, pictures, videos, browsing history, and more.

Plus points

  • This is a spyware that lets the user spy on the target phone's text messages and iMessages, phone calls, and shared data.
  • It can track all the information, including messages, photos, and videos shared through social apps such as WhatsApp, Instagram, etc.


  • The strict policy of PhoneSpector does not help in any kind of issue created for the user regarding the misuse of the app.


  • It works on all versions of iOS and Android devices.

10. FoneMonitor

FoneMonitor spy app keeps a record of all activities of children and protects them completely. It is a legitimate monitoring solution to target Android and iOS devices. It can synchronize and track the GPS location of the target device.


  • It tracks on a target's text messages iMessages without letting the target know. Even if the target deletes any message, the app saves it on the dashboard and displays it to the user.
  • It helps to view the location in real-time and past movements of the target and spy on his location via GPS location tracking.


  • It does not facilitate users with keylogging ability so that they can miss the login credentials information and other suspicious typed data.


  • It supports iPhone versions, including iOS 4s and above them.

What Should Be the Best Cell Phone Spy Software?

The previous section stated which app should be preferable in monitoring modern-day Android and iOS devices. Out of the ten available platforms, Safespy is the best solution as it incorporates extraordinary functions. The interface of the service is intuitive, fast, and presents accurate results upon a single click.

Here we will describe specific scenarios hy Safespy is better than the other services available.

No Root or Jailbreak v.s Root or Jailbreak

The service ensures utter security of user data like none other. As stated before, there is no need to jailbreak or root the phone, which is a necessity in this day and age. All features, including social media spying, are available without doing absolutely anything with the target device. It allows the set-up to finish in minutes and does not require more extended time.

Web-Based Interface v.s Software Download

Software download incorporates the system that is a computer program and can run locally. In contrast, web-based Interfaces allow access through using a web browser, which is more smooth and cleaner. Safespy app can work on a web-based interface that is easily approachable compared with other spy apps.

Not Storing User Data v.s Storing User Data

Safespy claims that it does not store user data and neither keeps a record for previous browsing data. Moreover, the client will be able to access the content available on the control panel. The spy app is trustworthy in maintaining the data storage record. Data such as login details and payment info will remain hidden through and through.


Above-mentioned, all spy phone apps have robust qualities, and they work smoothly with Android and iOS devices. Furthermore, the article provides a clear guide for all functions and targets of the spy apps made to select easily. In the end, Safespy stands out as the best option to monitor every possible activity on the target phone.