10 Best Free Android Spy Apps to Catch Cheating Spouse

November 27, 2021

Since 67% of men and 45% of women cheat on their spouses, it is quite understandable when any of the married or engaged people search for free Android spy apps cheating spouses on the internet. People often think that they can cheat on their partners since social media come with security and passwords. But there is a top-notch solution for spying through their social media without them knowing.

Worried partners often lookup for a cheater's app for Android, and instead of getting a hands-on solution, fall for scam or fraud applications. This article would introduce a solution to spy on a cheating spouse without them knowing.

Spy on Spouse's Cell Phone for Free

People often get worried when they see their lovers involved in specious activities, and when they inquire, they don't get any logical answer. This is very much possible to spy on them yourself and get to know if it is your assumption or they are actually cheating on you.

As the software technology has succeeded vastly in hacking, spying, and tracking people without them recognizing, it is quite possible to spy on cheaters and catch them red-handed. With the help of spying software, you can track your spouse and identify his activities on social media platforms.

The spy software shows little movements of them and their messages to the user without giving the target any hint about his spying.

1. Safespy

Safespy is an Android cheating app that performs monitoring duties on a target Android phone. Here, we will see how it does spying on cheaters without them knowing.

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1.1 Spy on Spouse's Cell Phone for Free

Safespy is a spy app that catches the cheaters and spies on their Android phones to show all the cheating evidence to the user's dashboard.

It requires the user to create an account for free on the Safespy website and download it on the target Android phone. After downloading and installing it, he can choose the spy options from the Safespy dashboard and catch the target. The app only requires access to the target phone for once, and later all the spy information is available on his dashboard.

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It has positive reviews, and prominent news outlets and media companies such as PCWorld and Forbes have positively covered it in their publications.

It is the best spy application to catch a cheating spouse by tracking his Android phone. It performs several functions on the target phone and that too, without requiring to root the Android phone. Many apps offer their spying features without the root permission, and Safespy achieves this by using high-end technology.

It provides tracking of the target through his social media, such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms. It spies on the target's location and does not let him know about the monitoring.

Users can inspect the free live demo feature of this app, which is available for Android phones.

1.2 What Safespy Can Do For You?

Safespy makes sure each, and every bit of your partner's data is visible on your screen. It provides several spying offerings, including monitoring text messages, calls history, Facebook, and other social media platforms spying. Some of them are explained in detail below.

  • Text Messages
    Safespy displays the text messages, shared media, and links of the target along with the time-stamps of chat and the contact number with his name. Even if the target deletes any details from his phone, the application will still show the messages on the dashboard. So, by this, the user can easily know with whom his target talks.
  • safespy-Messages
  • Facebook spy
    Safespy spies on the target's Facebook activity, such as his incoming and outgoing messages, documents, links, photos, and videos. It detects all the Facebook activity of the target Android phone and displays it on the user's dashboard. By monitoring the target Facebook with Safespy, one can easily know the target's current activity and his details.
  • safespy-Facebook
  • Call History
    Safespy tracks the target's call log and spies on his call history along with time stamps and the duration of the call. It displays the call on the dashboard along with the person with whom the target talked on call. So, if the target deletes his call history, the user will still know who he talks with.
  • safespy call history
  • Keylogger
    Safespy has a keylogger that detects all the logs made on the target Android phone and displays the tracked typing to the user. This is a significant feature because it lets the user spies on every typed activity made by his target. So, if the target deletes any conversation or erases any suspicious text, the app will show it to the person controlling the dashboard.

1.3 Best App to Catch a Cheater

Safespy performs its duties and remains a top-slot in all spy apps. Here, we will see what makes it the best app to catch any cheater.

  • No Rooting Required
    It performs all the spying features without requiring the user to give root permission for the target Android phone. Such permissions can cause the virus to attack the target phone afterward. The application saves the phone from this problem.
  • No Technical Knowledge Required
    To set up and operate the application, no professional skills are required. Its auto-setup wizard performs all the work by itself. The user does not have to know any skills to operate the application's dashboard. It has queued data placed in different sections. There are no hidden or difficult procedures that the user discovers after purchasing the app.
  • Stealth Mode
    After installing the application on the target Android phone, the app hides because of the stealth mode. Also, the app is a small-sized software which can be installed on a decent internet connection. The app works in the background by consuming little energy, which makes it invisible to get detected by the target.
  • Web-based interface
    It is not required to download any software on a phone or PC to monitor the target. Safespy’s dashboard opens in any web browser on any device of the user’s choice. All the information is saved on the online servers of the app.

It is not required to download any software on a phone or PC to monitor the target. Safespy’s dashboard opens in any web browser on any device of the user’s choice. All the information is saved on the online servers of the app.

2. Minspy

Minspy helps you spy on your target without them knowing. It performs the functions in a hidden way and does not require rooting the target Android phone in order to carry spying. This application records all the internet activity carried out on the target Android phone and monitored the actions. Therefore, it helps the user to spy on all the searches, shared messages, and documents.

It provides the user keylogging feature by which the target gets tracked by whatever he types on his phone. The app tracks it and displays it on the dashboard.

3. Spyine

Spyine works to detect the social media activity of targets such as his Facebook, Snapchat, Viber, and other social media messages and shared media. It monitors the call history and browser history of the target and displays it on the dashboard. It locates the target’s location in real-time and shows his minute movements with accuracy.

It spies on the call logs of the target phone and shows the name of the contact number and duration of the call along with the time-stamp. It works on the target phone without rooting it. It provides all the tracked data on the dashboard that is easy to operate.

4. Spyier

Spyier spies on the target Android phone vigilantly. The application has a handy dashboard that can be operated easily. It is an easy-to-install and small-sized application. It provides sim location data, text messages, and shared media details and web browsing information, and history of target Android phone. With the help of this software, anybody can have access to the minute details of the target.

It provides geo-fencing by which the user can designate pre-marked areas and get informed if the target goes towards those specific places.

5. Spyzie

Spyzie tracks the social media activity and call logs of the target Android phone without rooting it. It tracks the target's location in real-time by using GPS monitoring and Sim card tracking feature. It has a geo-fence alert feature that lets the user highlight specific areas and gets notified whenever the target enters or leaves that area.

For tracking the messaging activity, the user spies on the target's texts and shows them on the dashboard. It is required to install the application on the target Android phone in order to monitor it.

6. FlexiSPY

FlexiSPY monitors all the installed applications on the target phone. It monitors the sim-card location and other digital communication of the target without letting him know. The application is also used to manage the screen-time of the target so that he does not indulge himself more in the digital world. It helps to view the media shared, be it photos or videos, through the target phone on the dashboard in real-time.

The application requires the user to download and set it on the target phone, but then it works vigilantly on the target phone.


XNSPY tracks the messages and calls activity made on the target phone without requiring to root the phone in order to process spying. It spies on all kinds of social media app messages such as tinder, Kik, Facebook, WhatsApp, Skype chat, and Viber messages. It also provides alerts for a specific call, so whenever that specific call is placed, the user gets notified on the dashboard.

It provides a live demo to its user before purchasing any subscription. However, the live-demo does not cost any amount to the users.

8. SpyFone

SpyFone is another phone tracking app that spies on the target Android phone without letting anybody know. It requires the application to be installed. It gives GPS location information every 30 minutes from the target phone to the user's dashboard. It spies on the phone contacts, messages shared with them, and the call history of the target phone.

This app provides a geo-fence alert feature as well to the users. The app can draw maps on an e-map so that whenever the target would go to that particular place, the user will get notified. If the target deletes some kind of information related to texts or even shared photos, the user can still access them through the dashboard.

9. Spyera

Spyera is a call-monitoring and messages tracking app that does not require the user to root the target phone for monitoring his activities. It spies on all the messages and calls made on social media such as WhatsApp, Viber, Facebook, and Instagram. It shows the photos, videos, links, and personal documents shared through the target's media handles to the user.

Moreover, it also displays the time-stamp of the call or message placed. It monitors the target's display screen and lets the user see which apps are currently installed on a device being monitored. If the target deletes any application, the user can still see it retrieved on the dashboard.

10. Phone Spector

Phone Spector lets the user read all the text conversations of the target with other contacts and also displays their names saved in the phone. It requires users to install the application on the target phone but manages to spy hidden. It offers Geo-fencing, web browsing details, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Viber, Instagram, and Facebook monitoring without any fear of getting caught.

It shows the shared messages on social media apps to the user and also lets him create geo-fences across the desired places. If the target deletes any call history and message, the app always shows it on the dashboard.


  • Are cheating apps for phones legal?

Spy application's legality depends on the purpose of its usage. If used for the wrong reasons, they are not legal.

  • How to uninstall Safespy from the Android phone?

The application can be uninstalled from the target phone remotely by the dashboard. The user does not have to access the phone.

  • Do free cheating apps work without the internet?

The monitoring applications require constant internet to gather and display the tracked data from the target phone.

  • In Safespy, is it required to root the target Android phone to work?

In the target Android phone, Safespy offers all the monitoring features without requiring any Root access to the target phone.

  • Is Safespy free of cost?

Safespy's assistance comes with a price. It has three subscription plans, including Basic, premium, and family subscription package with different month durations.