How to Read My Wife's Text Messages from My Phone

December 1, 2021

How to get my wife’s text messages sent to my phone? How to read my wife’s text messages from my phone? How to check my wife’s text messages for free?

In this article, you will learn how to read your wife's text messages without bringing that into her knowledge. The first method will tell you how you can use the Safespy tool to read your wife’s text messages from your phone.

Safespy provides a comfortable spy experience since it is user-friendly and has an intuitive interface. Reading further into this guide will show how you can read your wife’s messages without her knowing.

Part 1: Spy on Cheating Wife’s Text Messages

Safespy is the leading cell phone monitoring application to help you spy on your cheating wife’s text messages. It will silently sneak inside your wife’s cell phone and retrieve all the information for you.


With a customer base in more than 191 countries, Safespy has emerged as the world’s leading cell phone monitoring application. It is highly credible software because it is trusted by millions of customers across the globe. It has a customer satisfaction rate of 96% so you can use it without any kind of fear.

Feel free to explore the Live Demo of Safespy!

Android Monitoring Solution: Safespy does not require you to root the target Android phone. You can simply install it on the target phone like any other app.

You do not have to worry about her finding out because Safespy operates in stealth mode. It occupies a minimal space of less than 2 MB. It runs silently in the background without consuming much battery. Neither the phone heats up nor behaves abruptly to give any hint of the spy application on the phone.

iOS Solution: For iPhone users, the Safespy solution is simpler. You will only need to configure her iCloud account credentials on the target phone, without jailbreaking it. The latest technology of Safespy uses the iCloud backup services to get the data of your cheating wife’s phone.

Part 2: How to Check My Wife's Text Messages

With Safespy, you can view the text messages. Also, you can see the conversations happening through social apps such as Facebook, Whatsapp, Tinder, Skype, LINE, and WeChat. Moreover, you can see the email messages of the accounts that are configured on your wife’s phone.

In this part, you will learn how to configure Safespy on the target phone. There is a slight difference in the Safespy setup process for Android phones and iPhones. Follow these steps to check your wife’s text messages.

2.1 How to Find out Who My Wife is Texting?

Following are the tips and tricks on how to find out who your wife is talking to. It is a simple process consisting of easy steps.

Step 1: Get started with Safespy

Create a free Safespy account. The setup wizard will ask you to choose between the ‘iOS’ and ‘Android’ operating system of the target device. You choose your target operating system.

safespy-sign-up safespy sign up

Then, you can go through the available pricing plans and choose your desired package. The packages vary on the basis of the number of devices and the duration of the tracking period.

Now, check the ‘Welcome’ email in your inbox and hit ‘Start Monitoring’.

Step 2: Configure your Wife’s Phone

The next step will be to enter the credentials of your target device, such as your wife's name, her age, and her device's operating system.

For your Wife’s iPhone

In case your wife has an iPhone, access the Control Panel of the app from the ‘Welcome’ email and enter the iCloud account credentials. Once her credentials are verified, Safespy will start retrieving her phone’s data.

safespy-verify-icloud-id-guide safespy icloud verify

For your Wife’s Android Phone

For Android, you can directly login to access the Control Panel wizard. You can find the installation guide and the link to download the app for Android.

You will have to copy the Safespy download link from the setup wizard and open it on your wife’s phone. Now download and install the application by granting the required access permissions.

Do not forget to hide the app’s icon after installation, when prompted.

Step 3: Read Messages

You have done the difficult part, let's get to the easier one now. Go to your Safespy dashboard. Click the ‘Messages’ tab, read the messages, and see who she has been talking to!


Go to ‘Social Apps’ and click on any app, say Facebook, to see Facebook conversations. Similarly, you can click on other apps to see the respective conversation.

2.3 Spy Text without Verification

Safespy is the safest bet if you are trying to know who your spouse is talking to and what are the messages about. Your wife would not know that you are keeping an eye on her messages. This is because Safespy operates silently in the background without affecting the phone's regular performance.

Powerful Monitoring Features of Safespy

Safespy is a user-friendly tool with a bunch of powerful features. You can keep an eye on everything happening through your cheating wife’s cell phone. Unlike scam spy software, Safespy is reliable and genuinely provides the features that it promises.

It is an all in one app. For example, you can read her text messages, view her multimedia, and read through the conversations on social networking apps through only one software.

No Technical Expertise Needed

There is absolutely no need to possess the technical expertise to use Safespy. It is equally convenient for beginners to use. Furthermore, there is no need to jailbreak or root the device. Nonetheless, a Safespy cell phone monitoring solution is available for both Android phones and iPhones.

Web-Based Tracking

The browser-based dashboard of Safespy gives you the freedom to take a look at your cheating wife’s messages from any device. Besides text messages, Safespy has the capability to get her call history, internet browsing history, location history, email inboxes, and access to her social media accounts.

safespy browser history

Part 3: How Can I See Who My Wife is Texting

Besides using a cell phone monitoring solution, there are other methods that can help you see who your wife is texting. These methods require you to get hold of the phone whenever you want to see the data.

Also, these methods involve the risk of being caught in the act.

Grab the phone while she is away

When you are living together, you get a chance of holding your spouse's phone. Look for the opportunity when she is busy in any household chore, taking a bath, or sleeping peacefully.

Ask for her phone

If you share good chemistry, you can ask for her phone and roam through it with her permission. If she has nothing to hide, she will probably give her phone without any argument.

As a matter of fact, you will need Safespy only when you are suspicious of your wife's activities and she starts hiding the truth from you. In this scenario, Safespy will assist you in finding out the truth about your cheating wife.


In this article, you have learned how you can read your wife's text messages without her knowing. Safespy is the leading and reliable cell phone monitoring tool that can be set up within a few minutes on your wife’s phone.

You can easily read your cheating wife’s text messages on the go through the Safespy dashboard. Besides text messages, you can see almost every activity as it occurs on her phone.