How to Spy on Someone's Phone without Them Knowing for Free

November 26, 2021

Spying on someone’s phone without them knowing may sound unethical. However, it isn’t primarily when it involves the safety and well-being of a loved one. It was not even possible a few years back. Yet, technology has come a long way since. Several mediums have been introduced to the public that allows the users to know if the other person is safe or not.

Spy phone apps are among such sources that maintain users’ anonymity while giving them accurate information on the targeted user’s online practices. Here, we will discuss how to spy on someone’s phone without them knowing for free in complete detail.

Part 1: The Best Method to Spy on Someone’s Phone without Them Knowing

Safespy is an expert at tracking locations, sending messages, calls, and ensures safe mode. It is well-recognized among countless users worldwide due to its intuitive interface and fast features. Its online dashboard provides a real-time location of the device without letting the other person know its presence.

The app ensures complete security and safety. If one is willing to spy on a child’s activity or any authority figure wants to know about any employee’s actions, it provides promising results.

Safespy app makes a path for spying the iPhone without touching it. The app is a suitable monitoring solution that spies without any need for jailbreaking the device or software installation on the target iOS devices.

For spying on an Android device, the user can enable the device by simply installing the app after getting a paid account to access the Control Panel. The stealth mode of the app prevents the targeted person from knowing that someone is spying on them. Moreover, it does not drain the battery and possesses a small storage size.


Besides, the user can test the features and interface of the platform through the Live Demo utility.

Part 2: How to Spy on Someone's Phone without Them Knowing?

Safespy app comes with a simple Android and iOS device’s simple installation method to spy on someone’s phone without them knowing. It would take a small amount of time to enable spying activities and view them on the target device.

This section will show the installation method of Safespy on Android & iOS with steps:

Step 1: It does not matter if the target platform is Android or iOS; the first step is the same. The user has to create an account for free. After signing in, select the preferred platform(Android/iOS), and purchase a subscription plan.

Step 2: As mentioned earlier, the user would need to pick the target Android phone up and install the Safespy app on it. The app is small in size and does not drain the phone’s battery.

After adding the application, enter the login credentials and enable the stealth mode. It will hide in plain sight, and the targeted individual would not be able to detect it in any situation.

The installation method on iOS is different. There is no need to add any sort of app. The user can enable the monitoring by merely entering the other person’s iCloud account details to verify the device. The app will be enabled automatically on the device.

safespy icloud verify

Step 3: Simply open the Control Panel from any device or web browser and spy on someone’s phone.

Part 3: How to See What Someone is Doing on Their Phone?

A spy app’s features allow the user to spy on people’s phones from a distance. If the functions offer inaccurate or flawed information, it could result in the user’s spying.

The Safespy app comprises excellent features to show the user how to spy on someone’s phone. It is a well-known monitoring app and works perfectly to drive the best results.

Its notable features are given below:

  • Browser History Tracking
    The Safespy app provides easy access to the browser history of the target iOS or Android phone, ordinarily available through the control panel under the browser history option. The section offers a complete overview of one who uses the internet. It showcased the URLs, website’s title, bookmarks, and time when the site was accessed.
    It can track all social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, Whatsapp, Snapchat, and more. The app provides access to files that are shared on the media. Further, it can let the user view the list of contacts that are most often contacted.
  • Location Spying/Geo-Fencing
    Safespy app is the best location tracking app that monitors the exact location and those places that have been previously visited. The Geofence feature allows real-time location tracking that marks specific areas and zones. It can either get an alert if anyone is getting into a prohibited place or a restricted zone.
    Moreover, the app facilitates to check call duration, timestamps, and the number of calls made. Its unique system gives access to a list of the most frequent contacts. One can easily set up call monitoring without any need for root, and Safespy works smoothly in stealth mode.
  • Call History
    Safespy app allows access to call and SMS history to spy on someone without them knowing. It provides a detailed call log. It is relatively easy to keep all incoming and outgoing calls under supervision through the safespy app.


Safespy has made spying on the target phone easy now. It is no more difficult to track and spy someone’s phone. The app comes up with plenty of techniques that are easy to apply. Parents, as well as employers, can easily spy on someone’s activities without any hindrance. The app is a reliable solution that drives results up to the mark.