10 Best Snapchat Spy Apps

November 27, 2021

Snapchat is one of the most well-known online media applications around, mainly due to its auto-erase function. As it is very much known, the application consequently erases messages sent in one-on-one talks intermittently. While this is a perfect component, it makes keeping an eye on somebody’s Snapchat activities a difficult task.

Regardless of whether the user knows how to do Snapchat spying, the platform’s messages may very well be unreachable. Fortunately, there are some Snapchat spy apps available that can resolve this issue. Such services offer direct user admittance to Snapchat messages and pictures of the targeted individual.

Part 1: View Every Message with Safespy Snapchat Spy App

This section discusses the reputation of one of the best spying applications globally, i.e., Safespy. It highlights the use, its recognition, and benefits to the customers worldwide.

1.1: Safespy - Provide Full Access to Spy on People's Snapchat

Our main Snapchat spy application suggestion is Safespy. It is an immensely mainstream device tracking app for iOS and Android phones and tablets. Significant platforms such as Forbes, CNET, and Mashable speak positively about it and the features it offers.

The Snapchat spy app is utilized worldwide by guardians, business owners, and people concerned about their loved ones’ safety. With Safespy, the user will have the option to get to anybody’s Snapchat chat history from a distance without ever getting identified or detected.

safespy banner

The user can perform the spying activity using the intuitive control panel accessible from any modern web browser. The interface is open to any person visiting the official website of Safespy through the Live Demo utility. It can allow the user to understand the functions better.

The installation process of Safespy on Android and iOS is a bit different from each other. However, both methods are easy to apply. We will share the quickest way in this section of the article.

Step 1: To start, the user needs to sign-up with the service using their username and password. From there, they would have to pick a suitable subscription plan. After the purchase, the platform will lead to a set-up wizard.

Step 2: For iOS, there is no need to add any app or accessing the target device. The user only has to know the iCloud credentials applied on the iPhone/iPad. The user can click on the Start Monitoring button and select the target phone’s OS(iOS) from the set-up wizard. Simultaneously, they need to enter the target person’s information to verify the device

safespy icloud verify

On the other hand, implementing Snapchat monitoring on the Android device through Safespy requires the manual installation of a tiny apk app. Once the user enters the set-up wizard, they only have to pick Android as the target platform, and it will provide the download link. They need to access the phone, enter the account details, and enable stealth mode to hide the application.

Step 3: The set-up wizard will detect both the Android app’s installation or the verification of iCloud for iOS. The user can then click on Start to access the control panel. From there, they can click on the Social Apps tab and select Snapchat to monitor every activity performed on the platform by the targeted user.

safespy dashboard

1.2: How Safespy Monitors Snapchat Activities?

Safespy is a robust platform to monitor various practices performed by the targeted user on Snapchat. Here, we will highlight some of those notable functions.

  • Read Messages

Safespy permits the user to view all of the targeted person’s Snapchat messages. As stated previously, regardless of whether the messages are auto-erased from the mobile, they are available from the user’s online record from the online control panel.

  • View Contacts

The user can access confidential information about the other person who is interacting with the target individual. Such subtleties include names, email addresses, online media data, and substantially more. If the person feels that their loved one is being cyberbullied through such messages, then they can act appropriately in due time to provide them safety.

  • Access Timestamps

Each Snapchat message will be joined by time or date stamps. With the assistance of this data, the user can tell when a specific discussion occurred.

1.3: Why Getting Safespy is the Smartest Decision in This Day and Age

A service can only live for long if it offers unique benefits to its clients. Otherwise, the user response would not let the product remain in the mainstream for long. Safespy offers plenty of key utilities to its users, which are as follows:

  • Stealth mode

The client’s child or workers may not understand what is beneficial for them, so now and again, they need to assume control over the circumstance. Having access to a reliable spy app such as Safespy that practices stealth mode to hide its presence will help the user receive essential information about the target person’s activities and associations.

  • No jailbreak and rooting

It is known that jailbreaking(iOS) or rooting(Android) could make a device’s fundamental security settings vulnerable. It could lead to hackers quickly accessing the phone’s content through cyber attacks.

Many platforms require the user to alter the settings so that they could enable Snapchat spy. It could not only cause security concerns, but it could alert the target users of the spying.

However, it isn’t the case with Safespy as the user can activate the function directly after installation, without having to jailbreak or root the target phone.

  • Secure

It doesn’t gather or share any information about its client or the person they monitor outside sources or even their employees. No one but the user can get info about all the exercises occurring on the objective device.

  • Easy to use

With Safespy, the user spies on the target phone from any place on the planet if they have web access. It permits them to sign in to the dashboard to begin keeping an eye on the person distantly. It enables them to utilize any internet browser to open the control panel.

Part 2: Spyic - Snapchat Spy Tool

Spyic is another notable monitoring application that provides useful information from the targeted user’s Snapchat account. The service works under stealth mode that prevents it from getting detected by anyone. It works with Android, just as iOS devices. Moreover, there is no need to jailbreak/root or alter other settings to enable the monitoring process


Part 3: Spyier - Snapchat Monitoring App

Spyier is a reliable mobile spy application that helps guardians, entrepreneurs, and couples meet their Snapchat spying needs. It is an online platform that lets the users spy on their target remotely without getting identified. It works in stealth mode, which is viable in monitoring both Android and iOS devices.


Part 4: Minspy - Snapchat Spy

Minspy is a well-known mobile spy app for Android and iOS devices. It is frequently praised online by platforms like The Guardian and Mac World. The ease of use, stealth mode, and accuracy allows the user to check old and new Snapchat messages of the targeted person. As Snapchat is known for sharing pictures, the user will check all the media files available on the other user’s account.


Part 5: Spyine - Snapchat Spy App Free

Spyine is among the most trusted mobile spying applications with various features that make keeping an eye on any device(Android or iOS) simple. It is utilized to keep an eye on the Snapchat messages of a person’s kid, employee, or a life partner. Moreover, It can keep an eye on a broad number of exercises on the device, such as browser history tracking and call log spying.


Part 6: Flexispy

Flexispy is a formidable mobile spying app. It allows the user to get into the targeted device’s call and message records with ease. All things considered, the application permits the user to check social media messages undetected.

Part 7: XNSPY

Xnspy lets the user view the messages, shared media files, and contact list info on various social media apps available on the targeted phone. It is easy to use and offers the users a Live Demo to learn about the app’s interface in a more meaningful way.

Part 8. SpyToMobile

SpyToMobile is a reliable service to monitor phone activities. It is easy to manage. Moreover, the user can intercept SMS messages, call history, and contact info using the app.

Part 9: Appmia

Appmia is a useful spy application and extremely simple to utilize. The client can use this application on each device since it is viable with all gadgets, including iOS and Android. The top features include a call recorder, GPS tracking, and browser monitoring.

Part 10: Spyera

Spyera is a worthy choice for individuals aiming to read messages and files shared on the Snapchat account of the targeted user. The service is compatible with iOS and Android. However, the user has to jailbreak the target iPhone/iPad to enable every application activity.


Snapchat is a well-known application for offering messages to video and photograph connections. It is a bit tricky to monitor Snapchat activities due to its default features to prevent such practices. Here, we have discussed the top platforms to spy on a person’s phone activities.

In the end, the simplest method to keep an eye on is to utilize Safespy. It is an extremely effective application for keeping reconnaissance. It permits the user to stay undetected and gain direct access to all information.