How to Spy My Wife's Phone without Her Knowing

November 30, 2021

Many partners secretly lookup on the internet for spy applications to spy on the wife. There can be many reasons for such a need. You may think your wife is cheating on you, and you might want to look for proof by spying on her phone. In the other scenario, you might be sure of your wife cheating on you. So a spy software can help you to gather proofs and then confront your partner.

In both situations, spying on a wife is a risky task, and here, we will see how to do it in an undetectable way.

Part 1: How to Spy My Wife's Phone without Her Knowing

When you do searches like "how to spy on my wife’s phone," it is typically possible that you don't find the suitable application that meets your requirements. There are often scams and fake software that claims to provide the monitoring data.

Though it is difficult to get to one relevant app, there is software that gathers real-time tracked data. It is mainly possible for you to collect the data remotely, i.e., without reaching the target phone repeatedly. By using third-party software, you can spy on your wife's phone and get informed of her activities without her knowing.

Part 2: How to Spy on My Wife's Phone with Safespy

To spy on a wife's iPhone or Android phone is a huge deal because getting caught while spying on the target can cause great loss. Here, we will see how to perform the monitoring on target vigilantly with the help of the spy app, Safespy.


2.1 Safespy - The Best App to Spy on Wife's Phone

Safespy is spy software that tracks the target's social activity and location in real-time. It has been positively reviewed by big and famous news outlets such as Forbes, PCWorld, and TechTimes, etc. It spies on both Android and iPhone devices without letting the target know.

It offers live demo to its users by which they can check the features before buying any subscription.

In iPhone devices, Safespy does tracking without requiring to get installed on the target iPhone. It works by only demanding the target's iCloud ID and password. For tracking the Android devices, it is necessary for the user to install it on the target Android phone. But, the application hides after installation and works vigilantly.

The top-notch features that Safespy provides are real-time location tracking via GPS that gives minute details about your wife’s location. It tracks the social media activity such as messages and shared media in real-time without letting the target catch the spying. It notifies whenever the target enters or leaves any specific area, so you know whenever the target visits any prohibited place.

2.2 How to Install and Use Safespy

The user is required to abide by the following steps in order to set up the application on both iOS and Android devices:

Step 1: Create a free Safespy account with your existing email ID and password. You will receive a code to activate your Safespy account. It is a crucial step because all the updates will be provided there.


Step 2: Click on the "Start Monitoring" option to move to the dashboard of the application. You need to download and install the application on target Android devices. After installation, choose to hide the app from the home screen.

Whereas its iOS tracking solution works by only requiring the target’s iCloud ID and password. Now, disable the two-factor authentication, and this application will start tracking the target iOS device.


Step 3: After you are done with the above steps, you can now log in to your Safespy account from any web browser, PC, or smartphone.

Step 4: Safespy is now tracking your wife's phone, and you can view the tracked information easily through the control panel of the application.


Part 3: Spy on My Wife with Safespy

Safespy tracks many activities, and there are many reasons why one should opt for Safespy to catch his wife. Here, we will acknowledge the kind of information that Safespy tracks.

3.1. What Top-notch features do Safespy serve?

Safespy provides distinctive features to monitor your wife without her knowing. You can spy on her activities on her phone vigilantly.

  • Location Tracking

Safespy provides access to present and past locations on the basis of Wi-Fi and GPS. It tracks the movements of the target device along with the timestamps. It lets the user view monitoring details like Address, longitude and latitude, and location-time.

  • Read Text Messages

Safespy application accesses the shared or even deleted text messages and iMessages of the target phone. It spies on the shared media such as photos, videos, documents, and links. The application also lets the user find sender/ receiver contact numbers, names, and contact pictures on the target phone.

  • Call Log

Safespy offers to spy on the call log of the target and view all the outgoing and incoming calls. It lets the user check the call duration, timestamps, and frequency of calls made with a specific number. Moreover, it provides the feature without a root process.

  • Geo-fencing

The geofencing feature of Safespy lets the user create geofences across the e-map, so whenever the target enters or leaves that specific area, the application alerts him. With the assistance of this feature, the app will let you keep tabs on the target's real-time location and pass location across the geofences.

3.2. Why should one opt for Safespy?

Though there are many applications that serve to spy, it is crucial for a spy application to be vigilant. Along with this trait, there are many other reasons why you should choose Safespy to spy on your wife.

  • No Jailbreaking or Root Access

Safespy does not require to jailbreak the target iPhone or give root permissions to the target Android phone. It works and monitors the target phone without demanding such permissions because they cause the target phone vulnerable to virus attacks later.

  • Stealth Mode

As it is necessary to download the app on the target Android phone, it still spies on the target phone vigilantly. It is because of the stealth mode in the software that hides the app from the home screen and works in the background.

  • No Professional Knowledge Required

There are no hidden procedures that the user gets to know after installation of the application and setting it up on the target phone. Safespy has an easy-to-use dashboard that stores the information in a sequential manner. So, anyone can operate the software and spy on their target.

  • Web Interface

Safespy's working on an iPhone is completely web-based. It has a web user interface that allows the user to interact with all the tracked information on online servers. To put it in simple words, it is not required to install the application on the target iPhone, and all the information is displayed on the dashboard.

Part 4: How Can I Spy on My Wife's Phone?

Spying can be done with some different methods as well, but there is a concrete difference between spying through those methods and monitoring through Safespy. Here, we will acknowledge and compare both of them.

4.1. How to Spy on your wife through General approaches?

There are many other methods that one can use to spy on his wife without her knowing. For instance, if you are curious to know about the person she is taking on the telephone, you can perform phone sleuthing.

For this, you need to plug a spare into the phone jack somewhere she rarely goes. Then unscrew and remove the mouthpiece, and whenever you need to spy on her, lift the receiver off the hook.

If you want to spy on your wife's location, you can use a GPS tracker to locate her location via GPS. It is needed to install it on your target device. It provides the location of the target, along with the duration of the target device at a particular place.

4.2. Safespy- A convenient way to spy on your wife

There is a huge difference between some other approaches and Safespy monitoring on the target phone. In Safespy, it is not required to install different software to gain confidential information. It provides messages tracking, calls logs tracking and GPS tracking, and other tracking options collectively.

Safespy gives all the minimal to important information on its dashboard, and you don't have to reach different approaches to spy on different functions of the target phone. It is all in one application. Its iPhone solution does not require you to download it on the target iPhone. It also performs Android tracking vigilantly via Stealth mode that hides it from the home screen.


The article has explained reliable approaches for the partners that worriedly search “How to spy on my wife” on the internet. The article concludes the procedure to set it up on Android and iPhone and the general comparison between other methods and Safespy. Anyone looking for a spy application will surely get assistance from the article.