How to Spy on Boyfriend's Phone without Touching it

December 1, 2021

Cheating and disloyalty could ruin an entire relationship. According to a recent study, around 97% of women live under disloyalty pressure from their spouse. Moreover, 85% of them have tried various measures to learn about the truth. Still, nothing is more harmful than an accusation without proof. Moreover, the actual question is how to be sure if the spouse is involved in any suspicious activity or not.

Spy phone apps offer a reliable solution to track a boyfriend’s phone activities. In this post, we've compiled some of the most straightforward ways of spying on a partner's phone without even touching it.

Part 1: How to See Who Your Boyfriend is Texting?

The initial step is to be entirely sure that the partner or spouse is texting somebody. When individuals are involved with a person other than their partner, all their behaviors and actions suddenly change. Look for their behaviors and see if they've changed their routine.

Most people who cheat carry on their conversations through calls or chats. However, it is a must to track the boyfriend’s phone with third-party technology products like Safespy. The app can track the contact number they recently and frequently interacted with, record SMS history, and share their location to thoroughly check their activities.


Part 2: Track Boyfriend's Phone with Safespy

When observing the partner’s suspicious behavior doesn’t reap results. It is better to move towards a more impactful solution, which involves tracking the boyfriend's in-phone activities. One of the ideal applications designed to suit this specific reason is Safespy. It is termed as the most powerful application used for surveillance purposes.

2.1: Safespy - The Top Solution to Track Boyfriend’s Phone

Safespy is a monitoring platform operated online through the web browser of the user’s computer or smartphone. It makes use of modern and updated technology for surveillance and security.

Through this application, any iOS or Android device can be easily monitored without having any physical access. There is no need to add any app on an iOS phone. However, for Android, one-time access is needed to enable the platform.

It provides an online control panel to log in to their spouse's iOS/Android device and monitor their activity. The best thing about this application is that it doesn't require the user to jailbreak or root the target phone. It means that the user can track and screenshot all the boyfriend's viscous and catch them red-handed.

Most importantly, Safespy offers a live demo utility for users to know how Safespy works.

2.2: Safespy Android and iOS Solution to Track the Boyfriend’s Phone Activities

The installation is necessary to enable the tracking features to learn about the boyfriend’s phone messages and call records.

The method to add the spy app on the target Android or iOS device is as follows:

Step 1: The first thing a user needs to do is signing-up with Safespy. For that, they are required to enter the username and password. After that, they would have to purchase one of three plans, redirecting them to a set-up wizard.


Step 2: The set-up wizard will ask the user to select a target platform. If the phone is iOS based, click on Start Monitoring and select the OS from the interface. It will ask you to enter the iCloud login credentials of the targeted user. Enter the details to verify the device.


If the phone is Android based, the user has to install a tiny app. After picking Android from the wizard, it will provide a link to download the app. Enable the “Unknown Sources” option from the phone, and install the application. Run it, and enter the login details before enabling the stealth mode.

Step 3: Once the set-up process is complete, click on the Start button to access the control panel through the web-browser. Every spying function will be available on the interface to provide accurate data from the boyfriend’s phone.

Part 3: Tracking Boyfriend's Phone

In this section, we will share why Safespy is considered one of the top platforms to monitor someone’s phone activities, whether it be a cheating spouse or someone else.

3.1: The Tools that Make Safespy Effective

Safespy is a powerful spyware app and is an appreciated one among several media outlets. It is merely due to the various features it offers. The target device's media files can be accessed by the user, providing an effective solution to those who want to spy on the boyfriend's phone.

Some notable features are as follows:

  • SMS History Monitoring

Text messages allow a person to share intimate information quickly. If a suspicious partner could get access to the chat history, then they would get definite proofs on whether the boyfriend is cheating or not. It enables the user to learn the details of every SMS sent or received from the boyfriend’s phone. Moreover, the user can view the deleted texts through the control panel.

  • Social Media History Tracker

The service offers to display every message and media file shared on notable social media platforms such as Snapchat, WhatsApp, and Instagram. If a cheating partner ever sends a suspicious message to someone, then the user will know and would be able to catch them in the act.

  • Location Tracker

Humans are a creature of habit. They seldomly visit places or areas they are not familiar with alone. If a person goes out of their way to visit a suspected location, Safespy will alert the concerned partner to act appropriately to the situation.

3.2: Why Safespy is the Best at Spying on Boyfriend’s Phone

Safespy completely dominates its competitors in terms of how it's so easy to use. It does not require the user to be a tech expert. Besides, almost anyone who knows how to navigate a phone can easily track their boyfriend's phone.

The interface is user-friendly, and installing it on the target phone is a walk in the park. Moreover, iOS doesn't even require users to access the target phone even once, providing convenience. Here are some of the reasons why Safespy is an impressive spyware app:

  • Secure Platform

Those worrying about their data can rest easy when using Safespy. It's a secure app that has a strict policy of respecting and protecting privacy. The fear of malware or any anti-virus is also non-existent since the spyware itself is not installed on the target device.

  • No Jailbreak and Rooting

Jailbreaking or rooting the target phone is a complicated process. It would merely increase the risk of being caught for the user. This is why it works entirely without it, so even people who are not tech experts can easily use the app to find out whom their boyfriend is texting.

  • Stealth Mode

Safespy is silent when working on the target device. The installed app needs only 2MB to run and uses only a tiny amount of the device's battery. Such a benefit ensures that the target device's user does not notice anything out of place. The app keeps on operating through stealth mode.

Moreover, a single click uninstall feature enables the user to uninstall the app from the target device without touching it.


Safespy has all the features one would expect from a good spyware app. It's easy to use, stealthy, and secure. The setup is incredibly straightforward for both iOS and Android. It is a perfect solution for those looking to spy on their boyfriend remotely and see who he's texting without the risk of getting caught.