10 Best WhatsApp Spy Apps

November 27, 2021

Everybody utilizes WhatsApp. The client can check if their kid is being focused on by menaces, tricksters, or sexual stalkers on WhatsApp. The user would need access to the objective’s WhatsApp messages to ensure it. It is where WhatsApp spy apps for Android and iPhone come in to help.

Keeping an eye on WhatsApp is a stroll in the playground if the users have the specific applications available to them. This article makes a list of the 10 best WhatsApp spy applications that can offer related convenience for the user. All the applications are certified and safe to utilize.

Part 1: Safespy - Best WhatsApp Spyware

Safespy is a robust and well-known spy application to monitor the latest smartphones. It’s regularly highlighted on major online stages, for example, The Next Web, TechRadar, Tom’s Guide, and TheVerge. Moreover, individuals around the world utilize it to fulfill their requirements. It has a great WhatsApp spy feature that can work without getting detected by the target individual.

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When the user has Safespy set up on the objective Android device or iPhone, they can monitor it circumspectly. It is an adaptable application with distinct features and benefits to gain accessible admittance to the target phone. For its new or potential users, Safespy offers the live demo to test the interface.

The GPS tracker generally allows the user to know where the objective gadget is at the current moment. With the Geofence, they will receive cautionary alerts when the other person enters or leaves a restricted zone. Moreover, it gives the user admittance to the individual’s call log, messages, and social media action.

As for WhatsApp monitoring, Safespy offers the following conveniences:

  • Read WhatsApp Chat
    Safespy permits the user to read sent and received WhatsApp messages. It incorporates private conversations, as well. Everything is viewable through the online dashboard.
  • View Media Files
    The user can check with Safespy’s media record watcher. The user can see all sent/received pictures and recordings and even downloads at whatever time they want.
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  • Get Deleted Messages
    It backs up messages when they’re conveyed. That implies the user will have the option to read all the deleted messages from the dashboard.

How to Spy WhatsApp Messages on Android and iPhone

If a person wishes to track all the WhatsApp messages occurring on the targeted individual’s phone, they must need to enable Safespy on it.

Follow the steps listed below to know who to add Safespy on the intended Android and iOS devices:

Step 1: Pursue a free Safespy account on the official site. Enter the email and password to complete the process. Select a suitable subscription plan after selecting Android or iPhone as the target platform.


Step 2: To track Android devices, the user has to enable an app on the phone manually. They would need to uncheck the Unknown Source Installation option from Settings and install the application. After that, just enter the login details, and the Stealth Mode of Safespy will do the rest in keeping the user’s identity hidden.

To track iOS devices, the user doesn’t have to add any app. They simply need to add the iCloud login details of the target phone and verify it to start monitoring.


Step 3: Now, access the Control Panel from any web browser and click on the WhatsApp tab under the Social Apps section to view old and new messages.


Part 2: Minspy - WhatsApp Spy Tool

Minspy is another versatile spyware that permits clients to screen somebody’s instant messages, call logs, areas, and messages. Likewise, guardians can utilize it to watch their kid’s WhatsApp activities. The user can also see the total subtleties of the texts, for example, contact number, date, and time.

The application additionally permits the user to see the media that is shared on the application. It’s a comprehensive spy application that lets the person track all practices on the target cell phone, Android or iPhone.

Part 3: Spyier - WhatsApp Conversation Spy

Spyier is a first-class mobile tracking application. It’s a known name worldwide and is regularly highlighted by significant sources like BBC, CNET, and TheGuardian. Spyier offers a lightning-brisk approach to keep an eye on somebody’s WhatsApp talk.

Moreover, it is super-attentive and simple to-utilize. The client can begin observing somebody’s WhatsApp messages in minutes with the application. It works with target Android and iOS devices. There is no need to root or jailbreak the target phone for WhatsApp monitoring.

Part 4: Spyic - WhatsApp Spyware

The popular platform gives the user remote admittance to WhatsApp messages, call logs, GPS location of the target phone. Spyic can track iPhone and Android phones and tablets without any hassle. It regularly presents updates of the messaging on the phone to the user through the Control Panel. The platform is secure and prevents any unauthorized personnel from accessing the data.

Part 5: Spyine - WhatsApp Monitoring Tool

Spyine is an efficient spyware that can track pretty much all of that occurs on the target Android or iPhone device. Moreover, it lets the client check the WhatsApp discussions on the target phone with their time and date stamps.

The user can likewise see the photographs shared on WhatsApp. In any case, to see WhatsApp visits and pictures, they do not have to root the Android phone. Additionally, it lets the client spy on WhatsApp messages on iPhone without jailbreaking it.

Part 6 - Spyzie WhatsApp Spy App

It’s a comprehensive spy and tracking application that lets its subscribers track every last practice done on the target cell phone, whether it is Android or iPhone. With its WhatsApp spying function, the user can peruse the WhatsApp visits on the objective phone.

They can likewise see the photographs, recordings, and voice documents. It allows to download them remotely as well. The client doesn’t need to alter the settings of the Android or iPhone separately to keep an eye on the WhatsApp chat history.

Part 7 - FlexiSPY WhatsApp Spy App for Android

FlexiSPY is a complete spying application, and one of its key functions is observing the sent or received WhatsApp messages on the targeted device. No matter if the device is Android or iPhone, it can share live updates of the activities occurring on the target phone.

The client will be able to see the time and date stamps of the messages, check profile pictures and names of the contact, photographs and recordings as well.

Part 8: Spyera - WhatsApp Spy App

Spyera lets the client track the in-phone practices such as calls, SMS, and WhatsApp texts of somebody distantly on both Android and iOS gadgets. The application is super-simple, and it remains hidden from the eyes of the user due to the stealth mode. It observes the WhatsApp chat history and checks the time and date stamps of those discussions with utter accuracy.

Part 9: XNSPY

Xnspy is among the list of reliable WhatsApp spying applications. It makes WhatsApp spying conceivable on both Android and iPhone without having to root or jailbreak. Nonetheless, a user would have to root the phone to view the WhatsApp call log, for example the received and active calls. Moreover, the feature is not available with iOS devices.

Part 10: Phone Sheriff

Phone Sheriff is intended for parents to observe the phone activities of their children such as checking their WhatsApp messages. It offers features to view Call/SMS log, live location, and checking Facebook text.

Unfortunately, it is only available to track Android phones, and there is no such facility to monitor iOS devices such as iPhone and iPad .


The user must need the best incentive for the money they will spend to purchase a specific product. To get a reliable WhatsApp spying application they should think about certain elements such as cross-platform compatibility. Moreover, there should be no need to jailbreak or root the potential targeted device. Additionally, they should not go for a modest or a costly WhatsApp spy app.

Safespy checks all the boxes in offering convenient WhatsApp monitoring for the user. It is intuitive, fast, and provides all the information that one needs to learn for sure what is happening on the WhatsApp app of the targeted user.