How to Find Someone's Location Using Their Cell Phone Number

November 25, 2021

Many parents around the globe look for spy software to inspect their children. One of the most important reasons for spying is to keep your children safe from getting bullied or indulging in wrong activities. Spy software can be a need for all those parents who need to inspect their children.

You may need to track their location in order to know if they are at their usually expected place or not. Or if you want to know if they are truthful to you about their location. To save yourself from such self-created scenarios and clear up your mind, you need knowledge on how to trace a phone number without your partner knowing.

Part 1: How to Track a Phone Number

Here, we will see how to track a phone by phone number through the assistance of a monitoring app without requiring root or jailbreak the target phone.

1.1 Tracking Phone Number with Safespy

Safespy is a location tracking app which besides tracking the target’s location, performs many other tracking features on the target phone. It can track the social media activity, sim location, text messages, and call log of the target phone.

It performs the monitoring functions on both Android and iPhone devices and does not require to give other intrusive permissions for the process. It has been recognized by big brands such as PCWorld, TechTimes, and TechAdvisor, etc.


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1.2 How to Trace a Phone Number

Safespy provides a solution for location tracking in both Android and iPhone.

In iPhone location tracking, it is not required to download the application on the target iPhone. It just requires the target's iCloud ID and correct password, and the location tracking begins.

In the Android phone tracking, it is necessary to download the software on the target phone. But, the software has a stealth mode that hides the application from the display screen of the target Android phone.

For setting up Safespy in iPhone and Android, the user only needs to abide by the following steps:

Step 1: Sign up for a free Safespy account with your existing email ID and password. You will receive a verification code in your email, which you can use to make your account active. This is an important step because every update will be provided on a given email ID.

safespy sign up

Step 2: Through the received email, you can click on the "Start Monitoring" option to move into the control panel of the app. Now, for monitoring the target iOS device, the only requirement is the target's iCloud ID, and password and the app will start tracking the device.

safespy icloud verify guide


If you want to download the software on Android phone, choose the option to hide it from the home screen. And this app will start tracking the target's location without him knowing.

Step 3: After you are done with the above steps, you can now sign in to your Safespy account from any web browser on any PC or phone.

Step 4: Safespy is tracking the location of the target. You can view the information any time from the control panel of the app.

safespy dashboard

Part 2: Using a Phone Lookup Service to Track A Phone Number

For tracking a phone number outside the social network, it has become possible to monitor it as well. For such services, you can use CocoFinder. It is a phone lookup service that provides services and information about the target through their phone number. It has a huge database due to which one can easily find information about anyone.

It is only required to enter the mobile phone number that you need to search through the CocoFinder. It has a search engine type interface that works without making an account or paying any charges. As it is linked with databases and public records, it provides and accesses the related data to the user.

CocoFinder will state the identity of the given phone number along with its approximate location through mobile networks. Hence, it is not required to turn on the GPS on the target phone in order to locate it.

There are many other parameters that one can use to search for a person. You can search for them through their email address or name. It will provide the person’s identity, his residential address, and social media information.

Part 3: How to Track a Phone Call Location

You cannot only track a phone location through GPS coordinates, but it is also possible to track the name of the target person through CNAM lookups. Most telecommunications providers offer this service by which you can know the name of the person who is calling you.

But it is important that the service you use does not cache the data in order to track the phone number in real-time. As many local phone numbers are associated and registered with the CNAM database, so it is quite possible to track the caller's location through his cell phone number.

CNAM identifier also helps to check the spam score of the phone number that you need to track. If there is any spam history with the target phone number, the identifier will display the number as "spam." So due to this, the user can identify the spam numbers and block them to avoid wasting their time on unnecessary calls.

Moreover, if the target has made his Facebook ID on his number, you can also view it and take information through it. It is only required to place the target phone number in Facebook's search bar, and thus, associated profiles with that number will show up.

Part 4: How to Track Location with GPS Phone Tracker

If you are concerned about how to GPS a phone number, you can do it with a GPS Phone Tracker app. To track a phone location through GPS, many apps like GPS phone tracker exist, it can GPS a phone number in real-time and display its location. This app is free of cost and just requires you to download it. They can only track the target’s location and show it to the user in real-time.

It displays the movement of the target device, its neighborhood and shows the time of visited places. But it is required to download the application from Play Store on the target device.


The article has put plain words of information on Safespy, and it's setting up procedures on both Android and iPhone. Also, it has briefly explained Cocofinder, GPS phone tracker, and process about how to track a phone call location. Anyone looking for assistance on location tracking will definitely get support from here.