How to Track a Phone Location without Them Knowing

November 25, 2021

Want to find out how to track a phone location without them knowing? You might be surprised how easy it is.

Tracking a cell phone location can be done by anyone and everyone, regardless of the technical expertise they have. All you need is the right tool for the job.

What I am talking about is a tracking application that works on its own and requires nothing else.

However, not all these apps are good. In this article, you will learn about the ‘right’ way to track a phone location secretly. Read this guide very closely and till the end.

Part 1: Safespy - The Best Cell Phone Tracker

An ideal phone tracking app should get you a phone’s location without leaking it to someone else. At the same time, it should be as quiet as a Ninja. Here is the perfect app for the job:

1.1 Phone Tracking Through Safespy

Safespy is one of the premier phone tracking services used globally. It can provide you with the phone location of an Android phone or iPhone with complete secrecy.

People use Safespy to keep a tab on the phone location of their partner, children, or employees. No matter what you need Safespy for, it is sure to fulfill your requirements to the fullest.

Safespy’s location tracking services have been the subject of quite positive recommendations by the most trusted media outlets out there.


1.2 Why Safespy is the Best Phone Tracking Service

There are many reasons as to why Safespy is preferred and recommended more than any other phone tracking service. Some of these include:

  • Remote Tracker
    You do not need to be in the vicinity of the device you wish to track. You can find out its location no matter where it is in the world.
  • Stealth Interface
    Safespy is built keeping in mind the secrecy of the phone tracking process. If you are tracking a phone location using Safespy, the target user will never learn about it.
  • No Root or Jailbreak Required
    There is no requirement to root or jailbreak the phone you want to track, unlike other stealth phone tracking alternatives.
  • Web Interface
    There is no need to install apps on your phone or computer for making Safespy work. It can be used from any web browser directly, by logging into your account.
  • safespy dashboard

Check out Safespy’s online web demo for free>>

Part 2: Track a Cell Phone Location for Free with Safespy

Safespy’s iPhone tracking solution is designed uniquely for iPhones and Android phones. Let us go through the steps to accomplish this for each of them one by one:

2.1 How to Find Someone's Location by Cell Phone Number

In order to track the location of an iPhone, you do not need to have the target iPhone in hand. You can find its location at any time remotely without even the need to install any app on the iPhone.

This is because Safespy for iOS utilizes the iCloud feature of the iPhone for finding its location. iCloud is inbuilt on all iPhones and it uploads the iPhone location to the iCloud server constantly.

This is why you don’t need to do anything but get the iCloud credentials of the target iPhone. Here are the steps to track an iPhone’s location through this process:

Step 1: Create a Safespy account and get a subscription for iOS devices. When you purchase a subscription, you will receive an email about it. Click on the ‘Start Monitoring’ button in this email and you will be redirected to the Control Panel.

safespy sign up

Step 2: You need to go through the configuration process. For iPhones, it involves verifying the iCloud credentials of the target iPhone with Safespy.

safespy icloud verify guide

Step 3: Once the configuration has ended, you are ready to track the phone’s location. Click on the ‘Start’ button to finish installation and start using Safespy’s features.

2.2 How to Find a Cell Phone Without Them Knowing

For tracking an Android phone, you need to install the phone tracking app on the target phone. This is a compulsory condition for tracking Android devices regardless of the phone tracking app you use.

This is why Safespy has crafted its Android app in a special way. The app is less than 3 MB in size which means it installs in just a few seconds.

Once it is installed, the app icon completely hides from their app menu. The app runs in the background and does not consume any battery at all. Even if you want to uninstall it, it can be done through your Safespy dashboard remotely.

All these things mean that the person you are tracking never finds out there is a phone tracking app on their phone. Therefore, you can find their phone location without them knowing.

Here are the steps to do that:

Step 1: Create a Safespy account with a subscription for Android devices. When the purchase is successful, you will receive an email about it. Click on the ‘Start Monitoring’ button in your email to go to the Setup Wizard.

Step 2: Download and install the Safespy app on the target phone through the link mentioned in the wizard.

Step 3: When installation is complete, you will see a configuration successful screen. Click on the ‘Start’ button to begin tracking the Android phone’s location.

When you click on the ‘Start’ button, you will be taken to your dashboard. You can track their phone location from here.

safespy finish installation

Part 3: How to Track a Phone without Them Knowing

There are alternatives for tracking a person’s location other than using phone tracking service. Some of these alternatives include:

Hiring a Detective

Many people hire a detective generally to keep a tab on the location of their partner. However, this solution can be quite expensive as compared to simply tracking their cell phone. A phone tracking service can also provide you with more data than a detective can.

Tailing Them Yourself

Many people resort to tracking a person’s location personally by tailing them ro sneaking around them. However, this method will not only give you away, it also has a chance of getting you in trouble.

IMEI Tracker

IMEI trackers give the location of a cell phone based on the network they are on. However, this way can only give you an approximate location of the phone (like the city or the area it is in).

While there are these other alternatives, each one of them comes with its own major disadvantage. This is why using a phone tracking service such as Safespy is a better way to track a phone location.


Now that you know how to track a phone location without them knowing, you must admit the process isn’t quite hard as you might have imagined. Go ahead and try it for yourself, you will find the phone location of the target phone on your screen within five minutes.