10 Best Apps to Trace Mobile Number Location

November 30, 2021

People get unwanted calls all the time. Things can get pretty annoying if the caller becomes persistent, calling several times during the day. What if an app could trace the caller’s location when a call was made?

Such apps exist that give the caller’s location and other important information, such as the number’s owner. These mobile number trackers can be pretty useful in tight situations such as the one mentioned above. Here we will be discussing the best of these apps.

Part 1: Safespy - Number Tracer

Safespy is a top-quality application that offers a friendly interface to manage tracking features such as phone number tracer, SMS monitoring, and location tracking. Several publications around the world, including Mashable, New York Times, and Forbes, have recognized its impact in offering security from cyberbullying and stalking.

The platform is available to track activities on the modern versions of Android and iOS, with no requirement to jailbreak or root them. It offers user convenience by allowing the potential customer to test the interface with the Live Demo Mode.

safespy banner

The installation process is simple and secretive. However, the application method is not similar. There is no need to install any app on the target iOS device. In contrast, the user has to manually add the small apk app worth 2MB on the Android phone.

Firstly, the user has to create an account by signing-up using Email and password. After that, there is a requirement to purchase a suitable subscription plan. Upon the successful transaction, a set-up wizard will open, which will ask to select the platform of the target phone.

If iOS is selected, the wizard will then ask the user to add the phone’s iCloud credentials to verify it. Upon successful verification, the user will access the control panel to trace the phone number with ease.

safespy icloud verify

For Android installation, the wizard will provide a link to install the Safespy app on the phone. After installing it, enter the login credentials, and switch on the stealth mode, which will prevent the app from getting detected.

safespy dashboard


  • A user-friendly web interface allows users to manage the location tracker with ease.
  • The customer support is excellent.
  • Safespy safe keeps the user data and information collected during the tracking session.


  • The target device should be connected to the internet for better results.

2. Spyic - Call Number Tracker

Mostly used by parents to keep an eye on their kids, Spyic is a popular mobile number tracker that displays the current location online of the device. The app shows promise through the variety of services offered and has a user base that crosses over 1 million users.

It can find the current location by phone number on both Android and Apple. The installation is slightly different on both operating systems, but they both work the same way once installed. It fully supports the Android OS and will work on all devices that are either Android 4.0 or higher. Android devices do require app installation on the target device.

The mobile number tracker runs on all devices with iOS 7 and above. It claims that no jailbreak is required for the app to function properly. However, the problem is that the app doesn’t run at full efficiency if the iPhone is not jailbroken. It is due to the new rules and 2FA settings.


  • Spyic is completely legal and safe, keeping your data safe without compromising your anonymity.
  • It is a stealthy app that remains hidden quite effectively.


  • There is limited functionality without a jailbreak.
spyic box

Part 3: Spyier - Live Mobile Number Locator

Spyier is a famous call number tracker and spying app. It works on Android and iOS and has been mentioned by the media industry’s top names, such as LifeWire, Buzzfeed, and Mashable. As for the market stats, the app has mostly positive reviews. It has a user base that crosses a million users and is currently used in more than 190 countries.

Spyier is compatible with both Android and iOS without any issues. iOS doesn’t require a jailbreak to utilize the top features. Moreover, Android can be tracked without rooting it. However, it’s compulsory to install an app on the target device for the Android operating system. iOS, on the other hand, requires no app to be installed, and only the iCloud credentials are required to track a number.


  • Spyier allows the user to read every message on the target device, including deleted messages.
  • It can track a variety of social media apps that includes Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.


  • It does not work properly without an active internet connection on the target phone.

Part 4: Minspy - Phone Tracker

Minspy is a mobile number tracker that doubles as a spying app and can be used without touching the target device. It is used for many different reasons throughout its user base. Some of these reasons are to keep an eye on the life partner if they are acting suspiciously or making sure the kids stay safe on the internet.

Like Spyier, Minspy has also been well-received by many famous and trusted media outlets such as TechRadar, PCMag, and even Forbes. It shows that the app delivers what it promises. It works without any problem on both Android and iOS.


  • Minspy is intuitive.
  • It doesn’t require the Android device to be rooted. Similarly, the iOS device doesn’t need to be jailbroken to use the mobile tracker app effectively.


  • The price only allows the user to track one device at a time.
minspy box

Part 5: Spyine - Number Tracer

Belonging to the list of popular mobile tracking apps, Spyine is another worthy addition to its list. It has been mentioned by many well-known media outlets such as TechRadar and PCMag. The simple interface allows direct access to even the advanced functions. It shows compatibility with Android and iOS devices, and each utility is functional without any issue.


  • No root or jailbreak is required for the app to work effectively.
  • The app stays hidden effectively without consuming many resources.


  • There is a requirement to install an app on an Android phone.

Part 6: Trace Phone Number with Neatspy

If there is a need for a spying app that is a veteran in the spying industry, Neatspy is the answer—being praised by popular media outlets such as iGeeksBlog and PC World. Neatspy is used across various countries, satisfying users, and retaining a good reputation across its base, which can trace mobile number exact location on the map.

Neatspy works on Android and iOS without issues, and there is no need to jailbreak or root any of the devices. For devices using the Android operating system, the installation of a small file is needed. It stays low when using resources, so the app doesn’t get detected. For devices using the iOS operating system, all the user has to do is enter the target device’s iCloud credentials.


  • The app keeps itself hidden effectively with the stealth mode.
  • The setup of the Neatspy is reasonably straightforward, requiring no technical knowledge.


  • Price is higher compared to other apps in this category.
neatspy box

Part 7: Spyzie - Number Locator

Children are hard to track; however, it is a must to keep a strict eye on their activity. When having trouble keeping a strong check on your children, Spyzie can do all the work. It is a useful tool to find the current location by phone number for free.

This application is accessible to all types of devices, whether iOS or Android. This way, it’ll be easier for everyone to monitor the activities and stay updated. The platform works flawlessly on all modern versions, both Android and iOS.


  • It is highly affordable.
  • There is no need to jailbreak or root the target iOS or Android device.


  • Price is higher compared to other apps in this category.

Part 8: FoneMonitor

Another known name is the spying industry; FoneMonitor is a useful app to find current location by phone number. The app is simple to use and is mainly used to monitor your child’s activities to keep them away from dangerous people and the unsafe parts of the internet.

Since FoneMonitor’s user base spans across a variety of countries, there are several language choices available for users to choose. The app works effortlessly on Android and IOS, causing the user no problems with either operating system.


  • It can check the browser history and take screenshots.
  • It displays the exact addresses of the places visited by the target user.


  • FoneMonitor’s app activity tracker is sometimes inaccurate.
fonemonitor box

Part 9: Teensafe

This tracking app is another one on the list that promotes its primary use to monitor the child’s activities and keep them safe from both dangerous sites and people. The app does have its fair share of problems but works on both iOS and Android.


  • It does not need jailbreak or root to monitor the target user.


  • The Snapchat tracker keeps crashing

Part 10: Cocospy

Like the previous platforms mentioned in this list, Cocospy can trace the phone number of kids to keep them in check and away from harmful activities. There is a lack of advanced features found on the app. However, the information it provides is still enough to keep the user satisfied. Cocospy works well on Android and iPhone devices and shows no compatibility issues.


  • A minimal and clean interface makes the app easier to use.
  • No jailbreak or rooting is required for the app to function.


  • Resources consumption can sometimes be on the high end, causing the target device to hang.
  • Price is a little higher compared to its competitors.


All of these apps are great picks to find current location by phone number and have been thoroughly researched before making it to this list. However, each app targets a specific user base, so be sure to pick one that matches the relevant needs.