Check What They Save on Their Phone

View all their pictures and videos without them knowing.

Safespy shows you all the pictures that they send or receive online.

View all the photos and videos that are recorded through their camera.

  • Find out the videos they watch and download through the internet.
  • Find the media files that people send them on Facebook, WhatsApp, etc.
  • Check the screenshots and screen recordings taken on their phone.
  • Every picture comes with related details such as timestamps and location.

Monitor Phone Gallery in 3 Easy Steps

Create Account

Signup for Safespy with your email address.

Setup Safespy

Use on-screen instructions to configuration Safespy for the first time use.

See Their Gallery

Start using Safespy's gallery viewer to see their media files.

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All Their Media At Your Fingertips

When you are using Safespy to monitor someone's private files, the person is not going to have anything hidden from your eyes. For this purpose, you do not need to learn any hard to use skills or any sort of technical knowledge. All you need is to follow a one-time two minute setup process.

After this first time setup, you can access your dashboard at any time by logging into your Safespy account. The pictures can be seen under the 'Photos' tab and the videos can be seen under the 'Video Preview' option.

All the pictures and videos have a thumbnail so you get insight into the content of the file, saving your time. Additionally, you can also see all the other details of the picture such as the date and time, location, file size, and more.

If you use the Gallery Viewer with other features of Safespy, you can also find out about the person who sent the media file to the target phone or the website from where the media file was downloaded.

Gallery Monitor- Most Insightful Feature

You can learn more by watching someone's gallery than you can by scrolling through pages and pages of chats. Through a cell phone gallery, you can find out if a person is sharing or receiving inappropriate media files on social media.

When this person is your child or your partner, it can be a cause of grave concern. There are many people on the internet who look to exploit children because children are vulnerable. Your child does not know how to differentiate between good decisions and bad decisions as well as you know.

What is even more alarming is that your child might be sharing their own pictures or videos to unsafe people on the internet, or posting them on social media websites. Through Safespy, you can stop them before any harm comes to them. It is also a preventive measure as you can protect them from any future occurrences.

The Gallery Monitor is also useful for finding out about the activities of your partner. If your partner is cheating on you, you might find inappropriate pictures that they send to someone, or pictures and videos that someone sends them. Safespy lets you catch your partner in the act with proof and you can decide what to do next.

Employers make use of Safespy Gallery Monitor to learn if the employees are taking pictures or recording videos of any company secrets. Many employees tend to share this info with competitors for personal gains. Safespy helps in making sure that it never happens to you.

Gallery Monitoring has never been as easy as Safespy makes it to be. Try Safespy today and protect what matters!

Forget Rooting or Jailbreak

No one wants to root or jailbreak their phone or someone else's device. This is why Safespy has designed its entire process to work without the need of any such requirement. No matter which Safespy feature you use, you will never be asked to root or jailbreak a phone.

Secret Photos and Videos Spy

Special design elements make sure that you are never caught viewing someone's Gallery with Safespy. Safespy has exclusive solutions for Android phones and iPhones, ensuring secrecy for monitoring each of these devices.

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