View Phonebook Entries Secretly

View Phonebook Entries Secretly

Safespy's Phonebook monitoring solution provides detailed contact records. You can not only view the phone numbers they have saved, but it is even possible to view all the details attached with a phone number.

Find out the identity of any phone number they talk to.

  • Check which contacts they have marked as favorite ones.
  • Find out all the details attached to the contact.
  • See the picture that is attached to their phonebook entry.

Contact Monitoring in 3 Easy Steps

Create Account

Register for a Safespy account and get a subscription for target device.

Configure Safespy

Follow the on-screen setup guide to configure Safespy for the target device.

View Contacts

See all of their saved contacts with Safespy's dashboard access.

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Contact Monitoring Through Safespy

When you are done with the one-time setup process, you get access to your personalized Safespy dashboard. You can use the 'Contacts' feature on this dashboard to view all their phonebook entries.

By default, you can see 10 contacts per page on the 'Contacts' panel. However, this setting can be changed and you can increase it up to '100' contacts per page. There is also the option to sort the contacts on the basis of multiple filters.

With every contact entry you can view all the added details with the entry. For example, it is possible to see their address, profile picture, email ID, alternative phone numbers, and more if it is saved on the device.

What Makes Contact Tracking Useful?

Contact monitoring feature of Safespy comes in handy in more situations than one. Parents make use of this feature the most, as they are able to answer the question 'Who is my child talking to?' It turns out to be a very useful feature in ensure your childs' safety and well-being on the long run.

Contact monitoring is also used so you can find out the people who are in the contact list of your partner. If they are in touch with someone they shouldn't be, you can put an end to it before it grows into something that can damage your relationship.

For employers, contact monitoring provides an easy way to find out if they are in touch with any of the business competitors. Based on this knowledge, employers can make well-informed decisions that benefit their business.

Root/Jailbreak Are a Thing of the Past

Safespy makes sure that you are able to use all of its phone monitoring features without having to root or jailbreak someone's phone. This is because it uses advanced tech in its design, providing previously unexplored ways to monitor a phone without harming its integrity..


Even the stealth measures of Safespy are nothing to understate. Safespy places special importance on secrecy, so there is no chance that you will get caught monitoring someone's phone or contacts through Safespy. This is layered with multiple security protocols to keep your private data completely secure.

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