Secure Instagram Monitoring Service

Safespy Instagram Spy

With Safespy, there is not a single Instagram activity they can hide from you.

Check all their sent and received Instagram DMs.

  • View the people who they chat with on Instagram.
  • View all their followers and followings.
  • See all the media files they have shared with others.

3 Easy Steps for Instagram Spying

Create a Safespy Account

Signup for a Safespy account and get a subscription plan.

Setup Safespy

Follow a one-time configuration process to setup Safespy.

Check their Instagram

View all their private Insta data from any web browser.

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Gain Complete Insight In Their Private Instagram Account

Safespy provides you unlimited access to their private Instagram data. In fact, you will feel like you have logged into their Instagram account yourself. You can check all the messages they send or receive in real-time, the Instagram searches they do, and anything they post through Safespy.

instagram spy

Safespy's Instagram spying solution can be used from any web browser you use, without the account owner knowing about it. Once you have finished setting up Safespy, head over your own dashboard and click on the 'Instagram' option present under the 'Social Media Apps' tab in the dashboard.

All data can be refreshed through the refresh button on the dashboard. This means that you can view any message they send or receive almost as soon as they send or receive it. Even if they delete or unsend a message, you will still be able to view it through Safespy.

In case you want to save a backup of their Instagram messages, you can backup the message log and download it to your device. Safespy uses secure protocols to make sure that no one other than you can view these messages, unless you yourself allow them to view those.

Multi-purpose Features

Instagram spying is not something that only professionals require. In fact, most of our users are people who employ this service in day to day life for keeping eyes on their loved ones activities (such as their children, partner, or spouse).

Monitor Your Child's Instagram

Children don't always know what is appropriate and inappropriate to share on Instagram. However, if you will tell them to do something, chances are that they will resist and think you are being controlling. This is why parents use Safespy Instagram monitoring tool to make sure that their child is safe and not doing something harmful. Meanwhile, the child does not find out that you are checking their Insta.

Check Their Instagram Media Regularly

The concerning thing is that Instagram is not just used for messaging, but also for sharing pictures and videos with people personally or publicly. This makes it even more important to monitor their online Instagram activity. Sharing inappropriate things with a stranger can land them in more trouble they can comprehend, but you already know this right?

Safespy subscription is quite cheap and it takes only a minute or two to set it up. This is incomparable when it comes to the features it provides and the safety it assures for your near and dear ones!

No Requirement to Root or Jailbreak

There are many solutions on the internet that might ask you to root or jailbreak their device. However, these are outdated methods and no longer necessary. Safespy uses the next-gen technology which can give you entire access on their device without the need to root or jailbreak their phone.

Stealth Mode Instagram Spying

Spend hours and hours viewing their Instagram data without them knowing about it. Safespy employs stealth mode in its design to make sure that the person never finds out that you have eyes on their data. Even if you have their chats open on Safespy, they will not see any notifications that can convey this.

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