View Their Viber As They See It!

Super Secret Viber Spy

Get access to all their private Viber data without login.

Read all the messages they send, receive, or forward.

  • Get eyes on their Viber groups and see what is shared.
  • Check any pictures, videos, or audio files sent through Viber.
  • Even if the chat is deleted, Safespy will still reveal it.
  • Look at their Viber contact list with details on the people.

Viber Spying in 3 Steps

Create Account

Signup for a Safespy account with your email as the username.


For the first time configuration, follow the Safespy setup wizard on-screen.

Start Monitoring

Get access to your Safespy dashboard and view all their Viber data.

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Viber Spying for Preventive Safety

Viber is not just used for the right reasons by everyone. Many people use it for cheating, many for sharing inappropriate content, and many for sharing secrets that can harm someone. No matter who the person in your life is, reading their Viber chats will give you insight into whether they are doing any of these.

Parents receive considerable benefit from the Viber spy service. They can make sure that their child is not talking to suspicious strangers from the internet or sending/receiving inappropriate content from anyone.

People also use Viber Monitor to find out about the online activities of their partner. Online cheating is quite common and it is not uncommon for Viber to be used for this purpose.

If you want to be vigilant, don't take any chances. Signup for Safespy today!

Spy on Their Viber Account Without Login

No need to find out any usernames or passwords of their phone to monitor their Viber data. Simply go to your Safespy dashboard and click on the Viber option under the 'Social Media Apps' tab. You need to follow the setup process when accessing the dashboard for the first time.

In case they use an iOS device, you don't have to touch their iPhone at all for viewing their Viber messages. All you require is their iCloud credentials. In case they use an Android device, you do need a one-time phone access for installing the hidden Safespy app on their phone.

The best part about Safespy is that it incorporates multiple security layers. Therefore, there are no chances of any unwanted data loss. Even Safespy's own team cannot access your private data if they tried.

No Root or Jailbreak Needed

Safespy's features work without the need to root or jailbreak their phone. This is made possible by using next-gen technology and design so there are no hard-to-meet requirements on the user's end.

Read Viber Chats Secretly

When you are looking for a Viber spying solution, you obviously don't want the other person to know. Therefore, Safespy has crafted its service in a stealth manner so it remains completely hidden. Regardless of whether the person is using an iPhone or an Android phone, they won't know that you have eyes on them.

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