Get an Android Phone's Data Without Them Knowing

Stealth Mode

Safespy's stealth mode ensures that there is no chance of you getting caught due to the hidden mode of Safespy.

Safespy is the best way to get a phone's location secretly:

  • The app icon hides after being installed on the target device.
  • Accurately mark the location of the device on the Google map.
  • Keep track of their location automatically even when you are busy.

Hidden Phone Tracking Requires 3 Steps Only

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Create a Safespy account and use your email as the username.

Setup Safespy

Follow the on-screen guide to configure Safespy for getting the target phone's data.

Start Phone Tracking

Use your Safespy account to track their phone secretly.

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Protect the People You Care

If you have anyone important in your life, you should go the extra mile to protect them. Simply asking them about their whereabouts isn't going to do the job for you, since people have a tendency to lie. The best way to protect them is to keep a tab on their cell phone location at all times. After all, everyone carries their cell phone with them everywhere.

This is why a lot of parents make use of Safespy's phone location tracker to find out where their kids are at all times. Even when the parents are busy at work, the location tracker keeps a tab on the child's location and parents can view it later as well. There is also the option to set location boundaries with automatic alerts if the child crosses them.

People also use Safespy to find out the location of their partner remotely. In case one is suspicious of their partner's loyalty towards them, the location tracker can help in finding out if there is any truth to the matter.

Safespy comes in handy not just to track your family members, but also to track your employees and staff. If you feel that your employees are billing you unfairly for field trips, you can use Safespy to know where they are off too in work hours. After all, you do not really want the kind of employees that ruin your business, do you?

Track Phone Completely Hidden

Safespy is supposed to be completely hidden when you are tracking someone's phone. No matter what data you are viewing, the person will never find out about it due to the special stealth features.

With phone tracking features, there is also the option to set geofences. Geofences allow you to enable automatic location tracking even when you are busy at work or elsewhere.

You can also view ssomeone's past location through Safespy by the location history feature. Each location coordinate has its own timestamp, so you know at what point of time the person went here.

There are various filters that you can apply to the location of the person. You can sort it based on recency, frequency of visit, distance, or more. You can also scale the number of recent locations you want to view per page..

There might be countless location tracking apps on the internet. However, when the question is how many location tracking apps can do as much as Safespy, the answer would be none!

The best part is that Safespy takes special measures to make sure that there are safety protocols followed in phone tracking. Not a single bit of your private data is revealed to any third sources. This makes your data truly yours.

Forget Root or Jailbreak

Monitoring a cell phone through rooting and jailbreaking is a thing of the past. Safespy has adapted with the modern times to create a solution that does not ask you to root or jailbreak their phone or yours. There is not a single such requirement that can harm someone's device integrity when using Safespy.

Super Secret Stealth Mode

Safespy's design revolves around stealth. Therefore, no matter what, the person you are tracking will never find out that you are tracking them. Even if you keep eyes on their location 24x7 using Safespy, they will not have the slightest hint about it.

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