Track a SIM Card With Ease

Find out the SIM card number, phone number, and IMEI number.

Check the approximate location of the device even if internet is off.

  • Get automatic alerts when a new SIM is inserted in the device.
  • Learn about the network provider that the person is using.
  • Only one-time setup is needed for lifetime monitoring.
  • View all SIM card related info from your PC, tablet, or phone.

SIM Card Tracking Takes 3 Steps Only

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Signup for a Safespy account with your email ID.

Setup Safespy

Configure Safespy by following the instructions on the screen.

Start SIM Tracking

Get access to your Safespy dashboard and track their SIM Card data.

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Secret SIM Card Monitoring

Safespy only needs to be configured for the very first time. After that, it loads instantly and runs quite smoothly. For iPhones, Safespy requires the iCloud credentials of the target device. For Android phones, you need to install the hidden Safespy app on the target device.

Once you are through with the one-time setup process, you can click on the 'SIM Card' feature on the left hand side of your dashboard. It will open the SIM Card tracker interface from where you can view all the SIM related data.

Another benefit of Safespy's SIM Card Tracking tool is that it can provide you with the device's approximate location without using GPS or an internet connection. This is quite a unique feature that is hard to find elsewhere.

sim card tracker

What Makes SIM Tracking Useful?

SIM card tracking is useful for keeping a tab on every member of your family. This feature helps in recovering a phone that is lost or stolen without even needing the help of the law enforcement agencies.

Through SIM card tracking, you can also find out if your partner is having an affair or if your child is keeping secrets from you. Having a secret SIM card is wrong on so many levels and you can always know if something like this exists, only through Safespy.

Not to forget, Safespy's SIM tracking service provides the location of any device without using an internet connection or the GPS feature. This is particularly useful when someone has turned their internet off and you want to know where they are.

Safespy is completely secure and secretive. Try it out and enjoy its benefits for yourself!

Rooting or Jailbreaking Rendered Useless

Most phone monitoring services ask you to root or jailbreak the target device in order to work. However, Safespy does not make any such requirement and all of its features work without needing root or jailbreak. This makes Safespy the best option out of any SIM card tracker you can think of.

Secret SIM Monitoring

Safespy incorporates special stealth design to make sure that the phone owner never finds out that you are tracking their SIM or other data. Regardless of whether they are an Android user or an iPhone user, with Safespy you get complete secrecy and piece of mind.

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